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How to make Career in Fashion Designing

Written By: - Dec• 25•14

fjIn order to become a victorious fashion designer you need to have a blend of sketching, stitching, design expertise, an acquaintance of fashion industry and incomparable determination. A career in fashion designing is good for you if you are artistic and radiate fashion in all things you do. You ought to hold the skills to be innovative and inventive and care for people to make them appear excellent. To make it in fashion technology, you must be artistic enough to merge different colors and articulate your thoughts through your drawings. Fashion industry proffers abundance of prospects for brilliant hard working and passionate persons.
Expertise requisite to get unbeaten in the field of fashion technology
Vastly Ingenious and Imaginative
Fashion commences with an imaginative eye and inventive flair. From beginning to end it is the creative ability and expression that fetches raw materials into fitting a striking end result.

Exceptional Sketching Ability
For a Career in Fashion Designing, one of the most essential proficiencies to acquire is exceptional drawing skillfulness. A Fashion designer needs to take a thought and get it sketched on paper.

Superior Eye for Detail
For a . career in fashion designing it is very important for fashion designers to be able to arise with an essential sketch and then to following it with detail. It is frequently the aspect that makes an invention exclusive so this talent cannot be ignored even if the fashion designer hits the antagonism in envisaging and sketching.

Being thoughtful about consistency, color & class of fabric
Designing occupies an excellent intellect of consistency, color and fabric so as to make it exceptional and pleasing.
Powerful Revelation Ability
Earlier to the sketching segment, a fine fashion designer must have powerful visualization ability so as to come up with a thought. Fashion designers get their thoughts sketched in paper so that people can envisage an idea to what is to be framed.

Outstanding Communication Proficiency
Designing garments, accessories, etc. takes a fair deal of alliance with other team mates and necessitates interpersonal skills so as to get tips and to cheer a team to work mutually.

Superior intellect for Business
A methodical consideration of Fashion industry is vital to becoming victorious in fashion world. Ingenuity is the epitome of trend but without an indulgence of business, it will be complex to prolong a business and make it advantageous.

A cutthroat strength
To generate pioneering designs a cutthroat strength is essential to make you certain that you do not pause behind the fight. A detailed understanding of the fiscal souk and a successful career in fashion designing will help maintain ideas bright and cheer imaginative fresh idea.

Acquaintance in recent Fashion drift
Being synchronized with fashion is vital to facilitate enhanced understanding to what other Fashion designers are up to and what is the demand of time.

What you need to know about Fashion industry to make a career in Fashion Designing?

Why do people purchase fashion attires?
About the top fashion hubs
Who is who in the world of fashion designing?
About the types of Fashion designing (Haute Couture)
Most sought after fashion periods
What does a fashion designer performs?
Is fashion technology suitable for me?
-Fashion’ word instantly summons up imagery of glamour. The inception of the worldwide fashion Industry has given a thrust to the fashion field which has appeared as the thriving business like a jar of gold. A lot of youthful people who are fascinated by these characteristic choose to venture them towards fashion technology. Numerous export centers, clothing stores, fabric mills, boutiques, fashion show organizers, etc. enlist qualified designers fascinated towards a career in fashion designing.


Written By: - Sep• 09•16

In the overly fashion conscious world you will find two kinds of people who are not wearing dresses and sticking to leggings or jeggings, one involves either they are very, very late for a party and the other involves they are leaving the party very early (before anyone notices their faux pas). In the world where being single and fashionable at the same time is judged and scrutinized especially when it comes to celebrities, it becomes very important for the person to be well-dressed, even if she is adorning a classic regular jeans for women or ladies pants by wearing a befitting blouse along and matching it with perfect accessories to stand apart from the crowd.


No matter what, classic blue jeans can be found in everyone’s closet that suits their own style and personality. The ubiquitous staple is owned, adorned and carried well with every class and every age group which reflects the power of denim in the fashion industry as no one can live without it. But when we talk about the ladies pants as a staple item, the style and trends also get limited to one’s own boundaries of fashion sense. A lot of us have shifted our attention towards leggings for women or jeggings for women in order to break the monotony of just wearing the same thing over and over again.

The world went Topsy-Turvy with the advent of leggings and the stretchable ladies pants, but the materials used to construct them varied and some of them were not as comfortable as they should be.

I have spotted so many young girls making a huge fashion faux pas in their attempt to look fashionable. We can say that most of us are unknown about other styling criteria with the same pair of old jeans for women or the leggings for women and thus, fall into the same and same style again, which do not get as much mileage and so here is a guide which could help you to style up your favourite in various styles.


  • Remember rules are meant to be broken and if you carry any style with panache it will highlight your best features to make you sparkle at any event, so when deciding to opt for a pair of ladies pants choose one constructed with a shiny fabricas the glossy look of the fabric will make it dressy enough for your formal do.
  • High waisted jeans for women or jeggings are the latest trend, why you ask? Okay for starters, there is a classy glamour of the yesteryears mega-stars that comes along with it, and if they are made of an elegant material then you have hit the jackpot.
  • Going to a formal party but don’t have time to buy a new dress is the dilemma faced by almost all of us at some point or the other. Wearing tops with materials that are soft like silk helps one be more on the feminine side. Or one can opt for soft floral printed tops in pastel hues to wear along with their jeans for women.
  • Wearing a straight fit jeans with short tops and tucked in shirts can look great for people trying to give a slim appearance. An overall look achieved in this sense keeps your silhouette slim and not baggy provided jeans fit you well and are not baggy.
  • Wearing a belted jacket, cardigan or a top along with a slim fit jeans will not only give a very figure enhancing appearance, but will also help you achieve the polished look that you are craving for. Accessorize with a trim bag and wedge heels for comfort and style.

The mantra is that even if you reach a place wearing the first thing that came into your hand, wear it with confidence and try to accessorize it well, the attention will be duly diverted.

Latest Trends in Lingerie Fashion

Written By: - Mar• 06•16

As with any industry, the lingerie world goes through some major shifts and changes over time. You may see styles from the past come back into fashion or an entirely new design could become the biggest new trend. It is difficult to predict how the market will shift, until the major fashion shows get underway.

Some of the biggest fashion shows and trade shows have already occurred, showcasing the latest lingerie trends for 2016. If these shows are any indication of what to expect from the top designers this year, then 2016 could be an interesting year for the lingerie market. The lingerie industry is evolving and changing and here are some of the latest trends.

Athletic Inspired Intimates

One major trend in the lingerie world that is going to be hard to ignore this year is the increase in athletic-inspired designs. Some of the fabrics and styles that would normally be reserved for sportswear are becoming a part of the lingerie market. This includes crop tops, bras, and underwear featuring mesh, French terry, and even rugby stripes.

Bodysuits Will Continue to Take Over the Market

Bodysuits were a big hit last year and it is likely that this trend will continue in 2016. Expect plenty more bodysuits, featuring a range of designs and styles. This will include everything from form-fitting bodysuits with simple stripes to more elegant bodysuits with intricate lace.

Bodysuits are not just for the wintertime anymore. They provide additional support and can help hide the tummy, while accenting the legs, butt, or thighs. Bodysuits are also incredibly versatile. You can layer them with other items, such as a slip or a skirt with a high waist.

High Waist Briefs

The designs and the trends of the past several decades will continue to reappear, as designers come up with new ways to breathe life into the designs of the past.

High waist briefs and high-cut undies have a bit of a retro look that should be a major fixture in the lingerie world this year. The looks of the past tend to pop back up in any aspect of fashion. High waist briefs and lingerie with higher cuts have been prominently featured in the fashion shows this year.

French Bikinis and Vintage Inspired Briefs

The trend to look back towards the styles of the past continues with the re-emergence of the French bikinis and other vintage-inspired briefs. The style of a French bikini helps to subtly define the silhouette of your lower body. Along with French bikinis, other vintage styles are making a comeback. This includes lace and floral designs for briefs.

Between the French bikinis, high waist briefs, and other retro briefs, you can definitely expect less of a focus on thongs. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable thongs and say hello to the most comfortable designs of the past.

Solid Colors with Straight Lines

While there was still plenty of lace and floral designs on the runways and at tradeshows, there was also a lot more designs featuring straight lines and solid colors. As mentioned, designs of the past tend to re-emerge. The solid colors and straight lines are a style that comes straight out of the 1990’s. This includes bandeau-style bras with solid colors, or simple stripes, and open-shoulder bras with straight necklines.

Seamed Lingerie with Mesh Cups

Seamed cups can be a lot more comfortable than molded cups, giving the comfort that you should be able to expect from choosing the right lingerie for your body type. Two or three-piece seamed bras and wireless bras with seamed cups, is another major trend this year.

Less Padding and More Comfort

The overall shift towards designs that include less padding and focus more on comfort, is the biggest trend of 2016. This can be seen in all of the styles and trends discussed above. The lingerie fashion world seems to be taking their cues from the public and not from the concepts of avant-garde designers.

The lingerie industry is realizing the importance of marketing to women and not to men. This means a major shift towards bras with less padding and better fits. This does not mean that molded bras and other styles of the past will completely go away. Though, mesh and seamed bras should be more prominent this year.

All fashion markets go through changes and lingerie is no exception to this. While the styles and designs do not often see as much change as other fashion industries, 2016 is shaping up to an interesting year for lingerie and intimates. Pay attention to the trends mentioned, as you can definitely expect these styles to be hitting stores and online retailers.

Shopping for lingerie should be about a combination of comfort and sexiness. In the past, there was a major focus on the sexiness, and less on comfort. The bottom line is that 2016 is the year of form-fitting lingerie and designs and styles of the past.

Why Pilates can Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off

Written By: - Feb• 28•16

Though Pilates may not look like a serious weight loss exercise, it does contribute to boosting your calorie burning potential and increasing your muscle strength. And because it’s fun to do, you are more likely to participate in Pilates regularly. High-impact forms of Pilates also serve as an incredible form of cardio. Here’re some helpful tips and tricks for making Pilates a part of your weight loss regimen.


Pilates is an amazing core strengthening and tightening exercise. Most exercises focus on building a stronger core and strengthening the stomach muscles, even Pilates breathing helps to strengthen your stomach. Two excellent Pilates exercises for strengthening your core are the Roll Ups and the Crisscross.

Pilates helps improve your balance and flexibility which makes it easier to do other high impact exercises such as Zumba and kickboxing. And since Pilates is a workout that can morph to suit your needs you’re more likely to stick with it than any other exercise.

Because there are so many different kinds and levels of Pilates, it’s a great exercise for those, who are new to fitness or just getting back into their fitness routine after a long hiatus. While doing Pilates won’t enable you to drop a dress size in a week, it does contribute to how much you are moving in today and the more you move throughout the day, the more calories you will burn.


High-impact Pilates or Pilates classes that utilizing Pilates tools such as balls or swings can function as a serious cardio exercise and burn as many calories as a high impact dance class. Pilates is an excellent alternative for those who may not be able to participate in intensive dance classes due to chronic injuries or pain. Pilates works best as a weight loss exercise when it is paired with strength training and aerobics. Because of this many more Pilates classes are incorporating free weights into their classroom training. Though Pilates often focuses on the core it is entirely possible to get a full body workout in one Pilates session.

Now that you know why doing Pilates is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off, be sure to start attending classes. And find Pilates classes in your local area, be sure to visit Groupon pages.

Looking Good in the Great Outdoors

Written By: - Feb• 28•16

Every once in awhile a fashion trends that you least expect comes out of the woodworks, literally. Just recently, lumberjack plaid made a huge comeback. For reasons unbeknownst to many, it became cool again to roll up your sleeves and strap on your overalls. While you don’t need to go that far, wearing outdoors clothing can look really good, regardless of what fashion trend is in right now.

Have you seen the yoga pants craze? That is a good example of how outdoors-wear can be trendy. Uggs? Those were snow boots adapted to the fashion world. Nearly every piece of clothing has an outdoors wear cousin that could generate huge interest if people were exposed to it.

Take footwear for example. Uggs clearly took the nation by storm. But another great example are “Jesus Sandals.” These great outdoorsy sandals became immensely popular in just a short while. Another great example are Crocs. Who would have guessed that these cheap sandals would explode into a high-end fashion item?

Ripped jeans? Where do you think those became popular from? Obviously people who work outside are a little rougher on their clothing than most of us office dwellers. When the fashion world caught hold of ripped jeans, the craze exploded. Within just a short while you could only find ripped jeans in stores, and those jeans cost 3x what an un-ripped pair used to cost.

If you are looking to be a trend-setter, get yourself into the next outdoors wear gear before the trend explodes. Perhaps a certain kind of ski mask? What about long-johns? You could always try sun visors- those have yet to blow up. In all seriousness, outdoors wear can be incredibly cute. If you look deep enough, you will find some incredible items at great prices. And who knows? You may end up being the one to spark the next outdoors wear wildfire.

Awesome Evening Dresses and Other Dresses with Lower Prices in Musesgowns

Written By: - Feb• 18•16

Dresses are important for women. These are so important since dresses can make them so beautiful. They always dream to be a princess and dresses can make their dream come true. Surely, they always want to get the beautiful dresses. They always want to have the best one for every opportunity. Luckily, there are many collections of beautiful dresses. A lot of designs are ready to choose. Even, most of the dresses are always so beautiful. Unluckily, price always becomes the things that make women have to think twice before they buy the dresses. As solution, there should be a nice store that has many beautiful dresses but they are in the affordable prices or lower prices than the dresses in other stores.

Actually, it is not a dream to have affordable dress. There are actually many stores that can give special prices, but there are only few of them that can give good quality in the lower price. If you do not know where to go, then Musesgowns can be the right option. This store can be good destination to find many beautiful dress in lower prices. Many kinds of dresses can be found in this store. There are many collections of Prom Dresses. The prom dress collections have various designs. They are totally great and beautiful although they have lower prices. For example, if you love to wear sleeveless dress with V-Neck, then you can find several dresses based on those qualifications easily. They also have various colours, so you can find the dress that you love so much in this store and you do not need to spend big amount of money. Price will never ruin your prom night preparation.

Then, Musesgowns have also collections of Wedding Dresses. The collections of wedding dress and gown comes in many different designs. For example, there are many dresses of ball gown. There are many ball gowns with different colours and additional attributes or accessories. There are also many collections of Evening Dresses that you can find in this store. All of the dresses are great to wear in any kinds of evening party. Many styles and types are available in this store. There are dresses in V-neck or A-line styles. There are also dresses with beadings and laces. Surely, there are many dresses for you. You will never regret to come to this store. All of the dresses have good quality although you can get them in lower prices.


Written By: - Jan• 14•16

  Hailing from a small town has its own pros and cons, the kind of pure relationships that prosper in small towns and affection afflicted upon the younger generation is priceless, but along with it comes a hurdle in your progress and growth. To put in other words, a gap remains between the world and you. I know it personally, so can relate to the same in a much better way.

Sometimes, there are no such limitations set by your family, but the pressure of remaining in the same rut just takes over, so to think out of the box is scary. The same happened to me when I stepped into my teens and wanted to dress up in the cute western dresses shown in magazines and television. When I approached my father, he only advised me to wear it properly but did not pose any restrictions on the same. However, the implementation stage was not that easy as achieving the perfect look. Probably it was just the fear of society!!!

So, I decided to do a bit of R and D on what to wear and how to wear the lovely western dresses before I stepped out making a fool of myself somewhere.

The online shopping for women opened a whole new world for me… Trust me, it felt like as I have almost reached the moon! The new designs, stylish cuts, an unbelievable variety of fabrics and vibrant colours all made available to people like me, and that too at affordable pricing, elated me beyond eternity.


Not only these online shopping for women sites showed the latest trends for latest dresses but they also guided me with various styling tips and accessories to master the latest looks with perfection.

After researching for a couple of hours, I selected a few pieces of western dresses and ordered the most selected pieces which were cool enough to be adorned in the very same small town. To begin with, I ordered a pair of denim pants along with a crop top, and a skater skirt dress which I could dress up elegantly.


Well, maybe it was my first purchase through online shopping for women, but it was certainly not the last, since that time, I may have bought more than thousand latest dresses and will continue to shop till I can. Western dresses have now become a crucial part of my life and online shopping for women is the strongest pillar behind the same.

I may have stumbled a several times to achieve my target of flawless dressing, but it certainly has made me very confident and taught me one very important thing, which is BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN SKIN, the rest just follows.


Wearing Gorgeous Sheer And Semi-transparent Fashion Tips

Written By: - Oct• 28•15

One of the hottest fashion trends this summer is to give the appearance of being naked! Not literally, but by wearing gorgeous sheer fabrics. Nude lingerie worn underneath gives the illusion that you are wearing noting which is the whole point!

The young and daring may like to emulate the sheer fabric tops seen on the catwalks which really do reveal all, however whilst no one is shocked or surprised when bosoms can be seen on the catwalks only those with a good figure should even consider replicating this look, particularly during the day!

The wonderful sheer and semi-transparent fabrics are a great way to wear bright and vibrant colours without them being too garish and gaudy. Teamed with full flowing skirts, elegant wide leg trousers or jeans these pretty tops ooze chic style and sophistication.

One shoulder tops and dresses are also in-vogue this season. The look should not be completely ruined by having bra strap showing! Clear plastic straps may be advantageous for women with a large bust to provide much need support, however these can be seen and have a tendency to leave red marks!

The best choice is to opt for a multi-way bra or a strapless one. As with any outfit for chic elegance a bra should coordinate with the colour of the top or dress you are wearing. Nude or skin tones are ideal for wearing under pale colours if you don’t have exact colour matches.

Pants should also be coordinated with the colour of your trousers. Nude or skin tones can actually be less visible than white if you are wearing white jeans or linen trousers.

The all time essential requirement is to avoid a visible panty line at all costs if you want to ooze elegance! G-strings are a favourite with many women, however unless they are a good fit can look equally as bad as a visible panty line!

The trend for showing the top of a g-string also remains popular with younger women. Designers have even created g-strings on which you can have your phone number printed on so that it peeps over the top of your jeans!

Sheer and semi-sheer fabrics are also great for giving skirts and dresses fluidity but you should remember that due to the nature of the fabric what you wear or choose not to wear will be revealed to all! Petticoats may be a little old fashioned but they serve a great purpose if you don’t want people to see your legs through the fabric.

Alternatively opt for skirts which have built in linings to eradicate the transparency problem. This is particularly important for women who wear plus size womens clothes and do not have well toned thighs!

Your Most Flexible Fashion Accessory

Written By: - Oct• 21•15

The scarf has faded in and out of popularity over the years, but it has never really gone away. Speaking generally, it is one of the most classic accessories that lends itself to a number of different styles and forms. Most people tend to find just one way and wear it in that way. With such a great fashion accessory, you need to learn the different ways you can wear it so that you can dress up your look without spending more money.


The drape style creates a rather exotic look. You simply drape it over your shoulder and walk around with it resting there. If you’re worried about it flying away in the wind or something happening to it, all you have to do is use a belt to fasten it to your waste. Thin silk scarves work best here. Remember that you will want it to be wide enough to cover your shoulder for the maximum effect.


Sometimes you just need a little covering when wearing one of those stunning Shoshanna dresses. One of the solutions is to take a scarf, place it over your shoulders, and pin it with a decorative pin. The pin acts as a fashion accessory too, allowing you the opportunity to further customize your appearance. When dealing with fashions similar to the general Vera Wang and Shosanna dresses, make sure that you choose a pin that complements and blends rather than takes all the attention to itself.

Knotted Around the Neck

The classic train robbers of the Old West used to knot handkerchiefs around their necks so that they could use the handkerchiefs to block out dust and smoke. Self’s Beauty Department describes this as being the new inspiration for the knotted neck trend that has started up this summer. The trick is to knot the ends together and then wear the knots behind the neck so that the front billows over the top. This is a fun style, and it works best with polka dots, one of the more common choices of the summer. But it should not be paired with a dress or a shirt that has a lot of embellishments on the front.

Loose Tie

Style Guru lists the loose tie as being one of the sexiest ways to wear a scarf. The key here is to choose a light weight and thin silk scarf. Then you put it around your neck and just tie it loosely. You don’t knot it. You just let it hang there. The beauty of it is that it creates a delicate fashion look that complements almost all dresses ranging from Shosanna dresses to the Cushnie Et Ochs.

Indie Fashion Styles For Seasons To Come!

Written By: - Oct• 20•15

With more than 100,000 concertgoers stalking the streets of some of the worlds major cities; NYC, London, Sydney, etc. every summer, music is priority numero uno. But indie fashion is a close second. With the several indie festivals, these main streets have transformed into a catwalk of sorts for the hip young things that invade the big towns.

Many different styles were on display, from casual summer wear to chic ensembles ready for a night out. Seen everywhere this year are stripes, long-sleeve button-up denim shirts, the classic rock’n’roll leather jackets, wayfarer shades, and any item of clothing that shows off the tattoos.
Here it goes, the pick of 6 hottest looks that will dominate the indie fashion style in seasons to come.
Strike the Stripes
Dress up your casual chic outfits with these stylish patterns in their skinny or wider versions. Choose dresses that are decorated with stripes in different shades or proceed gradually if you lack the attitude to rock out an all-over striped outfit. Oh, and mixing stars with stripes is not such a bad idea but one that needs a lot of attitude and self-confidence to carry.
French Navy Chic
What can be more inviting and more appropriate for the upcoming season than a nautical-inspired collection? This navy look brings adventurous items that remind us of a chic, sunny vacation spent on the French Riviera. Irresistible classic sailor stripes and navy blue are key elements in the collection allowing us to mix and match in order to create unique, stylish outfits.

Retro Badasses
Retro style was popular in and around 2008 but make no mistake, until in 2011 it was ascertained retro style will still prevail. It embraces period trends in stylish clothing, and all fashion enthusiasts of today may rightly agree that the retro style clothing trends can be appropriately described as being a ‘storehouse’ for the present and the fashion of the future. Therefore, It imply that indie fashion is unlimited boundary even the time pass.

Denim Days
From 2010, well be seeing a continuation of mixing of different denim styles in 2011/12. While there will be a 70s theme this coming year, the best way to keep your look updated is by integrating with modern elements. Besides, its more fun to mix it up. And with all the wonderful style blogs to read theres always a nice denim look for everyone.
Band of Leathers
Leather never goes out of style as long as indie fashion is alive. Whether you go for a vintage piece, a high-fashion splurge, make sure you stock at least one of these in your closet. Instead of the studded, over-embellished pieces this edgy style brings to mind, go for a utilitarian look. You know, there was a time when these jackets were worn for protection.
Wayfarer Way
The classic design of Ray-Bans Wayfarer sunglasses has been around since 1952 and it has survived the non-forgiving fashion trends to this day! This style has built very a reputation for itself by having a slick, refined make that would fit in even at a modern black tie affair. If you genuinely need to turn heads and catch stares, dont just select a real Ray-Ban Wayfarer select a vintage pair. Retro Dior, Ray-Ban and Emilio Pucci sunglasses will be a brilliant place to start. If you are set on letting the glimpse of the past in your modern indie fashion style, theres always a colored version to pick from. Be adventurous!

Ways To Take Your Lingerie From Not To Hot!

Written By: - Oct• 19•15

In the fashion and apparel world things pop in and out of style continuously. What was hot in the 90s or early 21st century may not be so hot anymore. This is the same for lingerie. Its out with the old and in with the new. So is your lingerie collection in need of some cleaning for the season? So, are you ready to take your lingerie from not lingerie to hot lingerie? Here are 3 helpful tips to liven up your lingerie collection.

1. Get rid of those granny panties: If you still own a pair of these then shame on you! They may be a comfort element here but theres a huge chance your bloomers are far behind when it comes to lingerie trends. If you own a pair of those cotton comforts thats ok but just dont make it a habit! How about slipping into a nice satin pair of boyshorts or lace panties every now and then youll feel a lot better and look better too.

2. Outdated costume lingerie: YesYou know that old, weird and awkwardly fitted lingerie costume you dared to put on a couple of years ago? Dump it. And replace it with sexy role playing lingerie. Role playing and costume lingerie has expanded greatly with more variety than ever before so you dont just have to be the maid. Undertake new and innovative styles like the the naughty school girl, thieving pirate, or the low down mobster. Lingerie is hot when you learn how to have fun!

5. Cartoon Pajamas: Its ok to watch your favorite cartoons but do you really have to wear it? Yes maybe its cute in a way but there are other ways to look less cliche. For a more adult and sophisticated look try a silk chemise and a nice matching robe. What is a chemise? Chemises look sexy and they just as comfortable as your snuggly PJS.